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Krevsk trails of the First World War

Krevsk trails of the First World War
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The duration of the excursion route is 15 km
Type of tour - bus, 1.5 hours.
                            cycling, travel time 3 hours.
The object of research is the events, monuments and artifacts of the First World War related to Krevo and its surroundings.
Route: Kreva Castle - Trinity Church (church) –German dugouts - Artillery position - German cemetery in the village of Baruny - Monument to Russian pilots - German cemetery in the village of Povtorovshchina - Cross from the grave of Russian soldiers - Place of preservation of Russian soldiers.

The proposed project of the tourist route is a short history of the events of the First World War in the history of Krevo, a little-known town in the Grodno region today, but with very interesting, rich and diverse events in the past. It is very desirable that there are no ruins left from this past. How much richer we would be both spiritually and materially (tourist business brings a lot of income), if we saw not in old paintings and photographs, but, "with our own eyes" all these dot and bunkers, tombstones and monuments. After all, the Belarusian antiquity is not inferior to the European one. It is only necessary to work on its promotion and restoration. Probably, this time we will not be heard, and another monument of antiquity "canet in flight". But as Uladzimir Karatkevich wrote: “although mosquitoes squeak that no one will hear, but let it be so. At least, afterwards there will be a slight consolation that you also wrote that you didn't keep your mouth shut when you had to vote ”
 Food outlets: cafe "Cosiness" +375 (29) 18-555-48
Accommodation: Smorgon Hotel
Cost: 3 rubles. from each participant of the route.

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