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Dom myśliwego „Leśnictwo Dyatlovsky”

Dom myśliwego „Leśnictwo Dyatlovsky”
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rejon dyatłowski, ag. Venzovets, st. Central, 99 B

The hunter's house is located 11 km from Dyatlovo on the M-11 highway in the direction of Slonim, in Venzovec.
The leshoz invites hunters to relax in the Hunting Lodge, which includes everything that is necessary for a comfortable life.

In the Hunter's Lodge there are:

a bathroom
shower stall
kitchen with all necessary equipment
comfortable bedroom
cable TV
barbecue and campfire site and much more

Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air? Then welcome to us! Indescribable feeling when you live in the forest: birdsong, fresh air, beautiful landscapes. For hunters, this is a double celebration of the soul, because the Dyatlovsky forestry provides hunting services.
Here you can hunt different animals: elk, red deer, roe deer, European fallow deer, beaver, otter, etc.

The hunting farm “Dyatlovskiy Leskhoz” offers various types of seasonal hunting for moose, deer, wild boars, roe deer, fur animals, wild birds and beavers. A large number of hunting animals, the presence of hunting towers, professional rangers and a hunting complex on the farm create all conditions for good hunting. "Dyatlovsky forestry" offers:

- organization of hunting tours;

- execution of a conclusion (permit) for the temporary import and temporary export of hunting weapons and ammunition to and from the Republic of Belarus;

- meeting at the border and escort to the venue of the hunting tour;
- the provision of services of qualified huntsmen, the provision of transport, the preparation of a hunting ground, the preparation;

- paperwork for the export of trophies (district veterinary certificate, international veterinary certificate);

- accommodation in a hunting complex;

- rental of hunting weapons and ammunition for him during the hunt;
- holding a photo-hunt for European doe and bison.
There are 4 stopping points in the forestry for rest and eating of hunters, as well as a hunter's house comfortable with all amenities

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10 PLN
19 — 29°C
небольшой дождь
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)