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Catholic church of St. Michael the Archangel

Catholic church of St. Michael the Archangel
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 Grodno region., Ostrovets district, ag. Mikhalishki

 Monument to the Sarmatian Baroque of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The architect Krishtof Pence and the sculptor Pietro Perti worked on it. The church was built in 1653 according to the project of the Vilnius architect - Belgian Krishtof Pence, on the site of an old wooden church. The church is two-tower, one-nave. The decoration, concentrated on the surface of the walls of the central volume, is dominated by white-blue knock-on bas-reliefs with the guise of saints and a lush floral ornament that combines the entire decor into a single plastic whole. The bunk main altar with twisted columns is distinguished by its special rich decor. On the ledge of the first three-tier tier are the figures of kneeling bishops, in the center of the figure of two angels. The pulpit, decorated with gilded floral ornaments, is supported below by a carved eagle, which holds in its claws a cartouche with the emblem of the Bjestowski. The canopy is wooden, carved, in the form of a crown.

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