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Water, walking and cycling tourist route "Tales from Oshmyants or what stones are silent about".

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A weekend hike along the Viliya river in kayaks, on an NL-30 boat. The first day - movement along the route number 1 "History of Danyushevo". In the program of the second day, the continuation of the movement down the river, a stop near the "White Mountain", a visit to the climbing wall, Tupalsky bridge, Devil's stone (village Oshmyanets), legends about "living stones", pagan temple "Tupalsky boulder", stream "Mlynok", rest on the "Coffee Mountain", excursion to the "Kurgan Calvary" in Dubok village, visit to the 1000-year-old oak tree.

Distance: * 1st day: from the village of Voinidenyaty to the metro station Zhodishki, 20 km, 6-8 hours. * 2nd day: from metro Zhodishki to Dubok village, 9 km, about 6 hours. Time: Saturday-Sunday. * The second day is great for hiking, cycling, carriage rides or skiing in winter. contact phone: 8029 9605313, 801592 9 73 90

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