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Catholic church of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Catholic church of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Grodno region, Ostrovets district, ag. Kemelishki

The wooden Church, built in 1781 by sponsors Stanislav Prushinsky, was illuminated by bishops D. Pilkhovsky in 1799. the Church, rebuilt in 1900, is an example of interpretation of neo-Gothic elements in wooden architecture.

The building imitates a stone trochnave Basilica with a transept and two quadrangular towers on the main facade. The upper octagonal tiers of the towers are completed with pointed tents. The gable roof of the transept is lower than the main one, and corresponds in height to the same roof above the entrance four-column porch. The increase in the height of the roofs, the romantic completion of the towers, give picturesqueness and variety to the three-dimensional composition. The Windows have arched ends and rhombic lunettes at the ends of the transept. The walls are sheathed horizontally, with a basement panel, and reinforced with ties.

The interior is divided by six pillars. On the South side of the Church there are three-span stone gates and a wooden three-tiered chetverikovaya bell tower, covered with a four-pitched tent - " cap” with a pointed signature.

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