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Sekmadienis, 09 rugpjūčio 2020 03:00

Feast of the Rakovich Icon of the Mother of God

Shchuchinsky district, аg. Rakovici
Shchuchinsky district, аg. Rakovici

Annually to the agent. Rakovichi is a holiday in honor of the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God "Rakovichi". According to a legend, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in a dream to a local landowner named Mokretsky and ordered to find Her image on the river. Opposite to the place where the icon stopped, the landowner built a church with his own funds in 1748.

The unique event will take place on August 9, when pilgrims from Grodno and Grodno region will go on a procession to worship the miracle-working icon and take part in a festive divine service. The key moment of the holiday will be a meeting of pilgrims, whose departure will take place at noon from the Church of the Archangel Michael in Shchuchin.

After the festive divine service guests and pilgrims will have a festive concert of amateur groups of GUK "Shchuchin district center of culture and folk art", an exhibition of works of masters of the department of crafts and folk art GUK "Shchuchin district center of culture and folk art", the work of shops and attractions.

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