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Trečiadienis, 04 rugsėjo 2019 15:00

Exhibitions and fairs "Garadzensky Kalarit"

Grodno, Sovetskaya str.

Exhibitions and fairs of craftsmen and artists of the amateur association "Garadzensky Kalarit"
State Institution «Grodno City Cultural Center»

On Sovetskaya street the creative work of masters of the national amateur association of folk art and artists "Garadzensky Kalarit" is represented. The exhibition-fair united the most traditional types of crafts and new directions of creativity. Next to the straw spiders, sculptures carved from wood, dolls-amulets there are paintings made of feathers, paintings with views of the city of Grodno; works of blacksmiths; articles of straw, willow; embroidery, ceramics, etc.


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Contact phone numbers on issues regarding organization and participation:

+ 375 152 72 06 94 (Department of Culture of the City Executive Committee, Grodno, Lenin Square, 2/1), 
 + 375 152 68 38 23, + 375 152 68 38 21(Branch №2 "Heritage Center" of State Institution «Grodno City Cultural Center» (Grodno, Reimont Str., 12)

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