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кафе "У Пана Тадэвуша"

агрогородок Заболоть, ул.Ленина В.И., 42А Вороновский р-н


Farmstead " E-MoE"

Belarus, Grodno region, Voronovsky district, leliantsy village, 49

The cost of living in a 2-bed room is 35 USD at the exchange rate of the national Bank on the day of payment, without catering for the day. In a 4-bed room, 10 USD for each person per day. The organization of the table setting. (individually) Catering service. (individually) Wood-fired sauna for 6 people - 60 USD (capacity up to 10 people, for each additional person surcharge of 10 USD) - 4 hours 60 USD each subsequent hour for 10 USD ( 2 brooms: canadian oak and birch as a gift). Hookah 10 USD - 1 bet. 1 C.u. consider 1 us dollar at the exchange rate of the national Bank of Belarus on the day of payment.

Services: Shower, toilet Fireplace Barbecue grill, firewood Parking Beach 2 ponds (swimming) Satellite TV, Wi-Fi Picking mushrooms, berries, garden Hiking. For children, entertainment on the children's Playground, in the " Hut on chicken legs" Washer Telephone Kitchen Hall for celebrations up to 170 people. Hookah Catering of national cuisine 25 beds Sleep in the hayloft Organization of hunting Organization of excursions to Lida, Novogrudok, Mirsky, and Nesvizh castles. Wood-fired sauna (birch brooms and canadian oak) Rest by the water (fishing). Trout, Amur, and carp fishing. Organization of holidays (New year, Maslenitsa, February 23, March 8. homecoming, prom, wedding, christening, etc.) Beach volleyball, badminton, flying saucer, Darts, trampoline, archery. Swimming in an ice hole (in winter). Sledding (in winter). Entertainment on the water (riding in a water balloon). Quad Biking.



кафе "Радунь"

г.п.Радунь ул.Советская,41


Ресторан "Сустрэча" Вороновского РАЙПО.

г.п. Вороново, ул.Канарчика,2


Государственное учреждение образования "Дотишская средняя школа"

Гродненская обл., Вороновский р-н, аг.Доцишки, ул.Советская, д.4

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10 PLN
16 — 24°C
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)