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The cycle route "Fox Mountain"

The cycle route "Fox Mountain"
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Distance: 72,7 kilometers 
Journey time: 10 hours 
Route: the resting place “Nemnovo” - the Nemnovo sluice - Zatishe vlg. - Glovenchitsy vlg. - the Obelisk to the Sivachev border post – Fox Mountain ( the grave of isurgents 1863) - along the left bank of the Chornaya Hancha river - the Marykha river to the old bridge - Lake Savek  - Calety settlement - Lake Cavenya - Lake Endrenya - Lesnaya vlg. - the Dombrovka sluice - the farmhouse of Tartak - Noviki vlg. - the urban settlement of Sopotskin - Radziwilky vlg. (the Gursky family's series of palaces and gardens (the Gursky palace and park complex - Ostasha vlg. - the resting place “Nemnovo”). Connecting way: "The Old Bridge" - the former village of Netecha - along the route № 401 "Augustow Shliakh" to Nemnovo vlg.

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