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«Vishnevskoe lake»

«Vishnevskoe lake»
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Grodno region, Smorgon region, ag. Vishnevo, Ozernaya st., 34
The estate is located in the village of Vishnevo. Comfortable living is provided by 3 summer houses. Also on the territory of the estate there is a 2-storey cottage with all amenities. The cozy house has satellite TV, internet, a kitchen with all the necessary equipment, in the yard there is a small pond and a gazebo. For cooking, the hosts will offer fresh vegetables from the garden and can help prepare meals. The uniqueness of the estate lies in the fact that its territory houses an old cellar from 1860, with a capacity of 15 people, in which you can also arrange your rest. The farmstead has been landscaped. Around the house there is a lawn, flower beds and trees. There is a recreation area with a gazebo and a sports ground where you can play volleyball. The owners of the homestead can organize excursions around the area with their tractor. There is an opportunity for corporate events and celebrations. Banquet hall with a capacity of 70 people.

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10 PLN
10 — 20°C
небольшая облачность
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)