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The farmstead "BATSKOVA HUT"

 The farmstead "BATSKOVA HUT"
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Grodno region., Smorgon district, village of Sutkovo, 66

Bats'kova Khata manor offers opportunities for recreation and celebrations.
The agriturismo will offer catering services for your celebrations (discuss with the owners in advance).
The house is designed in a modern style. For guests' accommodation, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: there is the necessary furniture, appliances, c / a, heating.
After the merry holidays, you can relax properly, because there is a Russian wood-fired sauna on the territory of the Bats'kova Khata agro-estate. A lawn and a garden are planted around the manor house. In the courtyard there is a sauna, a gazebo, where there is everything you need to cook in nature. The house can accommodate up to 20 people. The guests are offered five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a shower, a toilet with a washbasin. You can pass the time by watching satellite TV or home theater. If you want, you can sing in karaoke or surf the Internet. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need. You can cook, or we can. We can also take on the responsibilities of setting the festive table.
You can play football, volleyball, badminton, darts, go horseback riding, go fishing in the pond or go hunting for animals or berries and mushrooms. The forest is nearby.
Owner: Botko Vladimir Valerievich


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