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Farmstead «Yavar»

Farmstead   «Yavar»
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Mosty, Yanka Kupala Street, 62

On the outskirts of the town Mosty there was a vacant building of an old school   №4 (before it was «the Lord's estate»). Not big two- stored building with high columns and original facade needed good fixing, but peace of land was an ideal place for spending family and corporative celebrations.

The repair is not difficult and cost not expensive when the company has its own professional construction team and technical means. During the year workers of the communal services had been doing from  the old estate  a mini-hotel.         

The internal layout of the Farmstead   «Yavar» was made in accordance of the multifunctional purpose of the building. On the first floor-the there is a Cabinet of meetings, which may easily be transformed into banquet hall, if necessary. Also there is another, but less, room for meetings with fair furniture, fireplace and big TV; a kitchen with all necessary equipment.  On the second floor there are 2 big bedrooms, showers and also a big hall with a sofa, a table and chairs. 

You may feel yourself very comfortable on the territory of  the farmstead, where you may walk on wide paths, sit on wooden benches, try cold water from a real village well.All wooden sculptures on the territory of the farmstead were done by Epanchintsev V., an employee of Mosty  DUE HCS- a master of wood carving.

So, in Farmstead   «Yavar» it's possible not only celebrate different events, but spent different business meetings. But it not the whole  accomplishment of the place.

On the fenced area there is a tennis court. In 2014 year was opened the club of physical culture and sport "Kommunalnik" (all people who wish may become a member of the club, they have a right of use of a flexible system of discounts). On the territory of tennis court was organized selling of cold drinks, rent of sport equipment for playing tennis, a gazebo for changing clothes and a summer shower. There is a convenient timetable of visiting the tennis court.


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