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Hostel "Mosty"

Hostel "Mosty"
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city of Mosty, Lenin sq, 1.

Beautiful three-storey building of the hotel immediately attracts originality and neatness. But it s inside interior attracts even more. The stylish design, purity and cosines, the benevolent atmosphere make our hotel attractive both for tourists and for businessmen. The interior will allow you to have truly rest and to recharge.

Modern and wide spacious rooms skillfully combine warm house hospitality and faultless comfort to the smallest detail.  All rooms in the hotel are well-furnished:   TV, refrigerator, telephone, business centre service with Internet access, luggage storage, safety deposit boxes.  Everything in the hotel «Mosty» is made for the guests to get maximum service for relaxationand comfort.

  • The number of  buildings:1
  •  Number of  floors:3
  •  Availability of elevator:  no
  •  Number or rooms:34
  •  Room fund:52 beds
  •  Checkout time:  12.00
  •  Breakfast  is not  included in the price



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