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Hotel «Sun Hotel»

Hotel «Sun Hotel»
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Grodno region, Ostrovets, st. Karl Marx, 14.

The level of service at the Sun Hotel may well qualify for 4 "stars". Guests can feel comfortable in any of the hotel's 68 rooms. At the same time, it can accommodate up to 145 people. One-room single and double rooms, two-room room for 3-5 people with a balcony. For discerning guests, we offer a four-bed VIP room with one double bed and two single beds. Rooms for four people also include an office work area and an additional bathroom.
An important feature of the hotel is security. There is a secure paid Parking, safety Deposit boxes, and a private security service. If necessary, medical assistance is provided. It offers visitors a game and sports halls, a sauna. There is a Banquet hall and a disco club. A barrier-free environment is available for guests with disabilities. Wireless Internet is available throughout the property and there is a currency exchange service.


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10 PLN
-5 — -1°C
небольшой снег
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)