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Saturday, 21 January 2017 17:36


Fill in the declaration and give it to customs agent IF YOU ARE IMPORTING:

1 transport Vehicles.
1 stoimost Commodities > 1500 euro or > 50 kg.
1 nalichnye Cash and (or) travel checks on total more than equivalent of 10000 US Dollars.
1 alcohol Alcohol (>3 litres) Smokables (>200 pieces).
1 bumagi Cash instruments: bills, checks (bank checks), certificated securities.
1 oruzhie Weapons and ammunition, gas canisters, tasers.
1 lekarstva Medicines, drugs, potent substances and precursors.
1 cennosti Cultural valuables, printed products, books, newspapers, photos.
1 pats Animals.
1 one 3 Commodities imported, more frequently than once every 3 calendar months.
*Full information about customs regulations can be found on the information stands