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Saturday, 17 February 2018 08:47

Pancake Party

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
The most adorable fest - Maslennitsa – will be held at Augustov Canal. We will show you how Maslennitsa is celebrated in our country. The party will be opened at 12 a.m. at Augustov Canal, at Gateway Dombrovka. The guests will be invited by buffoons. The performances “Joyful Maslennitsa” and “Star round dance” will initiate the party. You can taste pancakes and teas, master crafts, and participate in national dances. Competition on pancakes speed eating will be held here.
Children will be amused by performances “Searching for winter”, “Baba Yaga deeds”, quiz “What is Maslennitsa”.
Family sports contests “Families to Maslennitsa” including tug-of-war and bag fights will be held here.
The party will be finished by scarecrow burning. During the whole day different attractions will be presented. The party will be finished by pancake party.   Welcome!

Grodno executive committee, department of ideology, culture and youth affairs.
“Grodno regional cultural and information center”
+375 152 74 55 80,
+375 152 74 07 14,
+375 152 72 35 41

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