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  • Staro-Vasilishkovsky Club Museum

    the village of Staryye Vasilishki,7

    The small village of Old Vasilishki is today known almost all over the world. This place was glorified by rock musician Cheslav Nemen - it was in this village that he was born and raised. The small wooden house that has survived to our time, more than 100 years ago, was built by Cheslava's grandfather - Jakub Vydzhitsky. Since 2010, it houses a club museum dedicated to the singer and composer. Our small museum has become world famous: in 2018 alone, about 10 thousand tourists visited it.

  • Museum Tetki

    g.p. Ostrino, Grodnenskaya street, 58

    Museum of the Memory of A.S. Pashkevich - a famous Belarusian poetess. The museum is located in the building of Ostrinsky secondary school, in the courtyard of the school you can see a monument to the Belarusian poetess Tetka.

  • Cold War Museum «Bunker-77»

    Shchuchin district (near ag.Rutkevichi)

    In the Shchuchinsky district, you can visit the object of the Cold War - a bunker, which until recently was closed to visitors.

  • Museum room «Shchuchin crafts»

    Shchuchin,Sovetskaya Street, 4

    The museum room craft activities and folk art culture center exhibits that reflect the life, work and traditions of peasants and townspeople Shchuchyn. Here assembled one of the best ethnographic collections in the region and offers excellent exposurе.

  • Museum room of the USSR

    Shchuchin, Sovetskaya Street, 4

    The museum room contains a large collection of household items, faleristics, bonistics, printed publications of the USSR era. All exhibits of the museum are successfully placed in thematic sections in stylish shelves and windows.

  • Drutsky-Lubetsk Palace

    Shchuchin, Ostrovsky street, 23

    In 2019, the Museum of the History of Schuchin Region was opened . Тhe museum room of palace was opened. Represented by three permanent exhibits: “Salon of the Princes Drutsky-Lyubetskys”, “Schuchin in world history” and “Schuchin - the city of aviators” XVIII - beginning of XX centuries



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