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Hello, Shchuchin!

Hello, Shchuchin!
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Route: The MiG-25 aircraft - the former cavalry stable -  JSC Shchuchin plant Avtoprovod - the  former palace of the Drutskikh-Lyubetsky - the  monument to A.S. Pashkevich (Aunt) - the  Church of St. Teresa and the Order of pear's - the  Church of Archangel Michael -  Freedom Square and the tower with a clock - a  gymnasium in the city of Shchuchin -  Bunker-77 -  Tochny airfield - a  monument at the crash site -  a MiG-19 aircraft 

Route length:  16 km

Travel time:  3 h

Description: Shchuchin - a city with a long history, one of the historical centers of education and science in Belarus. Until now, there are many religious buildings, architectural monuments and buildings of the XIX century. At the entrance to Shchuchin tourists are met by MiG-25, which is a reminder of the city in Soviet times, a classified military airfield. As a tribute to the glorious aviation past of the city, Shchuchin hosts aviation festivals, and small light-engine aviation is developing at the former military airfield. Historical buildings of the 19th century have been preserved on the central square, and the ancient park with its fountain is located in town's downtown.


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