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The cycle route "August-Velos"

The cycle route  "August-Velos"
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"August Velo" is a perfect way to explore the sights of the Augustow Canal.
The cycle route passes along the Augustow Canal to the Polish-Belarusian border-crossing terminal on the Kuzhinets sluice (10 km).
The cycle route "August Velo" joins "The Augustow Canal" route, which begins in the village of Lesnaya, on the Belarusian side of the canal. The distance is 25 kilometers thus the journey would take about 4 hours. The route leads from the Lesnaya (Rudavka) border-crossing terminal through the Kuzhinets and the Volushek sluices to the sluice Dombrovka. The Dombrovka sluice is a unique construction erected in the 1828-1829s and located on the 92nd kilometer of the Augustow Canal.
There is one of the three equipped resting areas for cyclists on the "August Velo" route near the sluice. The cycle route passes through the village of Nemnovo (it is the place where the Augustow Canal gets separated from the riverbed of the Neman) and through the main sight of the Canal, i.e. the four-chambered Dombrovka sluice.
Moreover, you can drop in the villages of Lesnaya and Sonichi on the way to the Nemnovo sluice where the cycle route ends.
The cycle route "August Velo" leads from the Nemnovo sluice towards Grodno. You ride out towards the village of Radziwilky located 4 kilometers north-east of Sopotskin town and 20 kilometers north-west of the center of Grodno. The Augustow Canal is a kilometer north of the village of Radziwilky.


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