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Water route on the river. Shchara

Water route on the river. Shchara
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The route belongs to the class of “weekend trekking” and is designed for the most massive group of tourists - beginners. Difficult sections along the route are extremely rare. During the movement along the route, scheduled stops are held every 40-60 minutes for rest, warm-up, meals, fishing, games, bathing, etc. lasting from 15 minutes. up to 2 hours. Here you can admire nature, see valuable communities of pure white water lilies, from bird species, egret, black stork, small mallard, from catfish, pike, tench, see oak trees - giants which are 300-400 years old, see the first rays of the sun from - for the spruce, breathe in the aroma of medicinal herbs listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. At 22 km from the high bank you can see how two powerful rivers Neman and Shchara merge. This is a great place to start and fish. There are tourist parking lots along the route. The parking lot "Forester", "Shimka", "Shestila", "Obsoh" with places for placing tents, awnings and tables for eating, decorated places for a fire and firewood, and even a camp bath. On the coast of the river. Shchara has markings for each parking lot.

Traveling around the Lipichanskaya Pushcha nature reserve, tourists will be able to relax, get acquainted with rare plant species listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus, observe the immobility of the gray heron in anticipation of prey, see swans, whole flocks of gray ducks, catch catfish, bream, pike, breathe the scent of meadow herbs.


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