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«To the castle of the Black Panna»

«To the castle of the Black Panna»
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Minsk - Dudy - Ivye - Lipnishki - Subotniki - Zhemyslavl - Trokeli - Geraneny

Most likely you have heard more than once the love story of Barbara Radziwill and King Zhigimont August, filled with romanticism and drama: young people, drawn by deep feelings for each other, got married in secret. For a whole year, the Polish government did not want to recognize Barbara, the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, as its queen. In the end, the Poles surrendered, Barbara Radziwill became queen, but after that she did not live long - she died a year later. There is reason to believe that she was poisoned ...

The inconsolable Zhigimont buried his beloved in Vilna, in the crypt of the cathedral. Over time, they began to gossip that Barbara's shadow appeared in the Nesvizh castle, and this ghost woman began to be called the Black Lady of Nesvizh. But few people, in impulses of affection, recall that there is not a single testimony that says that Barbara visited Nesvizh. She was the sister of Nikolai Radziwill Ryzhy, whose residence was in the Stock Exchange, and in her youth she lived in Vilna. But there is a castle in Belarus, which Barbara really remembers when she was married to one of the richest magnates of the Grand Duchy, voivode Stanislav Gashtold.


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