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Golden Ring" of Ivye

Golden Ring" of Ivye
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Route: Ivye Museum of National Cultures - Mosque - Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul - Church of the Holy Martyr Baby Gabriel of Belostok. Slutsky - the building of the former synagogue - Ivye spring (Ivye) - Church of St. Vlvdislav (Subbotniki) - Umyastovsky manor (Zhemyslavl) - castle ruins - Church of St. Nicholas (Geraneny) - Church of St. Casimir (Lipnishki).

Route length: up to 70 km

Completion time: 6 hours


The route tells about the rich, centuries-old history of the Ivye region, introduces the architectural heritage of the Ivye region. So, in Geraneny, the ruins of the castle are preserved, where in 1537 the wedding of the future Polish queen Barbara Radziwill took place with Stanislav Gashtold. Zhemyslavl will surprise you with the palace and park ensemble - a copy of the Warsaw residence of the Polish kings "Lazienki". And Subbotniki will not only delight you with the acquaintance with their grandiose church of the early 20th century, but will also teach you a lesson - a lesson of a simple, but worthy preservation of the memory of ancestors.



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