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Climate and time zone

Climate and time zone
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Usually mild winter begins at the end of November and lasts for about 4 months, the average temperature during this period of time is -5,1°C (the coldest month is January).

The summer is warm, damp, the average temperature is +18 °C (the warmest month is July).

In winter the average temperature at night is -8 °C, in summer - +12 °C.

The average annual quantity of precipitations: 545-600 mm (minimum in February – 29 mm, maximum in July – 75 mm).
The city is situated in UTC+03:00 time zone. UTC – is a world coordinate time, time standard established on the Earth. Time zones are counted from UTC. UTC replaced the outdated Greenwich mean time (GMT). UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time. UTC time is not switched to Daylight Saving Time.
Grodno geographic coordinates: 53°40′53″ northern latitude, 23°48′52″ eastern longitude.


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10 PLN
12 — 23°C
облачно с прояснениями
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)