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Агроэкоусадьба "У Никодима"

Агроэкоусадьба "У Никодима"
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Г.п.Мир,ул.Октябрьская. 31

The estate is located in a cultural and historical place with a beautiful view of the Mir Castle, which is the main architectural symbol of Belarus in the Middle Ages. "Mir" has a good geographical location for excursion routes, is located at the intersection of three regions: Grodno, Brest, Minsk, where many monuments of history and culture of Belarus are located. Any excursion can be organized at the request of tourists. Various festivals, knightly tournaments, concerts with participation of Belarusian and foreign pop stars are often held in the world.

Near the castle you can ride a horse, boat, take a photo in a historical costume, shoot a bow and crossbow. Those who are fond of history will be interested in visiting Nesvizh, Novogrudok, Kletsk, Lyubcha, Svityaz, Snov, Ishkold, Brest, Grodno, Lida, Minsk. There are many mushrooms and berries in the nearby forests.

The homestead is a great place for romantic meetings, anniversaries and picnics. On a warm summer evening, sitting by the fire, you will admire a beautiful view of the castle and park at sunset. Rent for a day or more, the rooms are neat, toilet, shower, kitchen, billiards, sauna, satellite TV, barbecue, parking, lawn grass, alpine slides, there is a minibus.



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10 PLN
21 — 31°C
небольшой дождь
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)