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Agrosteads The garden of my dream

Agrosteads The garden of my dream
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Zelva Pushkin str, 97

The stead is located in Zelva, 300 m from the road Grodno-Minsk and 700 m from Zelva reservoir. It is a small wooden house with a large landscaped yard. In the summertime, you can eat at the large dining table in the courtyard. There is a barbecue. The house inside is divided into two halves. In one part there is a large Russian stove. 5 persons can be accommodated in the house. There are  4 beds, a sofa, bedding, dishes, a fridge, a TV, a gas stove, a wash basin (WC is in the yard). There are a lot of fruit trees in the garden. There is a bee yard. The owner of the stead will treat visitors with a green cocktail, share his experience of growing a garden without chemicals, pruning trees, growing seedlings, both in open and closed ground, winter and summer grafting, as well as grafting cedar on a pine tree. Owner: Mihail Zhidok.



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10 PLN
9 — 23°C
Mostly Sunny
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)