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Travel company "LoriStur"

Shchuchin, st. September 17, d. 2


Bar "Europe"

Shchuchin, sq. Svobody, 18/2


First of all - planes!

Route : Mig 25PU aircraft - former military town - former garrison officers' house - Mig19 aircraft - Davlyudovshchina village - former Dalny garrison - Tochny airfield - Bunker-77


Hello, Shchuchin!

Route: The MiG-25 aircraft - the former cavalry stable -  JSC Shchuchin plant Avtoprovod - the  former palace of the Drutskikh-Lyubetsky - the  monument to A.S. Pashkevich (Aunt) - the  Church of St. Teresa and the Order of pear's - the  Church of Archangel Michael -  Freedom Square and the tower with a clock - a  gymnasium in the city of Shchuchin -  Bunker-77 -  Tochny airfield - a  monument at the crash site -  a MiG-19 aircraft 


The Golden Ring of the Shchuchin Territory

Route : Shchuchin -> ag. Rozhanka -> u.s. Zheludok-> v. Murovanka -> v. Ischelno -> v. Old Vasilishki> ag. Novy Dvor -> ag. Kamenka


Gentry - noble nests of the Shchuchin region

Route : Shchuchin -> ag. Golovichpolye -> Maloye Mozheikovo -> village Murovanka -> ag. Bolshoe Mozheikovo -> Bogdanovtsy village -> u.s. Zheludok -> ag. Rutkevichi



the village of Zachepichi

Two-level wooden house is made in the same style. For the convenience of guests on the first floor there is a spacious living room with a fireplace, a billiard room, a modern kitchen, and a weapon room for storing hunters' guns. It offers 5 bedrooms with satellite TV, which can comfortably accommodate up to 14 people.


«U Mar

the village Skribovtsy

In the farmstead, guests can stay in the house, rent a gazebo or visit the contact zoo. For those who want to spend their holiday there is a covered gazebo. The contact zoo is open to children and their parents - our pets are popular with everyone!



the village of Gerniki, Central Street, 12

The estate is a cozy place where people come with pleasure both for a quiet, quiet outdoor recreation, as well as for family gatherings and active physical activity. The estate specializes in breeding horses and the main concern is the quality of their life. We are pleased to offer you a fascinating vacation and unforgettable communication with horses.


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