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Farmstead " E-MoE"

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Belarus, Grodno region, Voronovsky district, leliantsy village, 49

    Estate "Ё -МОЁ" located on 86 km of motorway Sebolt - Radun of the Voronovo district, Grodno region. 

       Do you just want to relax in nature, catch fish, go to the bathhouse, dive into the lake after a steam bath and sit in the evening with a glass of wine with your loved one by the fireplace or celebrate a birthday and other holidays? All this will be with maximum comfort and service in the "Ё - МОЁ" estate, where comfort and hospitality breathes everywhere. We will help you organize your holidays and catering.

       In order to better feel the atmosphere of rural life, you can spend the night in the hayloft. Fresh air, rural silence and unique natural landscape are conducive to active recreation. You can play football, beach volleyball, go fishing on the pond, or go for a walk in the woods to pick mushrooms and berries. Hunters will enjoy a wide variety of game in the nearby forest. This is evidenced by the large number of trophies hung on the front of the house.

         We are sure that a good person deserves a good rest, that's why YOU are OUR GUEST!



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