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What are the boulders silent about

What are the boulders silent about
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Monuments are connected not only with history and culture. Monuments are in nature. The main distinguishing feature of the Kreva land is the presence of a large number of geological monuments - boulders. There are 6 boulders on the territory of Kreva land - natural monuments of national importance and the hill "Milidovskaya mountain". How did they end up on our earth?

Residents of Kreva experienced a lot of grief on their native barren land, generously dotted with boulders. "There are so many stones here that the devil himself will twist his legs," they muttered, believing that there was no way out of the unclean force. There is a legend that tells that the stones were deliberately scattered by the devil to annoy God. According to another legend, these stones were thrown by giants during hunting, construction, wars. Some said that large stones, like potatoes, grew out of small ones, or came out of the ground like mushrooms. In the 70s of the XIX century. After studying the areas of modern glaciation, scientists from different countries almost simultaneously came to the conclusion that the ancient glaciers were to blame for the appearance of strange stones. So it was finally found that the boulders in our region were brought by a glacier.

The first geological natural monument of national importance in the district of our school was the hryvnia-stone (1971)

1.1 Boulder "Hryvnia-stone"

Hryvnia-stone is located 3 km northeast of the village. Vavuki, on the 28th km of the road Lebedev - Kreva. The shape resembles a village barn, extended to the bottom, indicating its large size, hidden in the ground. The color is dark. The whole surface is covered with moss. Composition - granite-rapakivi.

Another 5 boulders in our area and the hill "Mount Milidovskaya" were declared geological natural monuments of national importance in 2008, as evidenced by the Decree of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Belarus.

1.2 Boulder "Big Stone" Krevsk

The boulder "Big Stone" Krevsky is located on the northeastern outskirts of the village. Kreva, 300 m east of the main street near the river Krevlyanka. A boulder of pink granite-rapakivi with feldspar crystals. Moss and lichens grow on the surface.

1.3 Boulder "Big Stone" Asanovsky

Boulder "Big Stone" Asanov pink

 colors of granite-rapakivi. According to researchers, the block was brought by a glacier from the territory of Western Finland about 130-150 thousand years ago during the Ashmyany stage of the Sozh glaciation, weighing about 56 tons.

 1.4 Boulder "Big Stone" Poltara

  The boulder "Big Stone" Poltarovshchina is located 500 m west of the source of the river Mirklishka, in a meadow in the village. Poltara region. The boulder is dark gray. According to researchers from gneiss. Veins of white quartz and pink feldspar are allocated in breed. On the north side the block is more massive, dark, overgrown with mosses, on the south - large crystal.

 1.5 Boulder "Goat stone Jadwiga"

Boulder "Goat Stone Jadwiga" is located 6 km from the village. Blood. in the eastern part of the Adventure farm. According to legend, a goat jumped on him and thus escaped from the wolves. Boulder gray-red color of pegmanite coarse-grained granite.

  1.6 Kamenitsky Boulder

Lies in the center of. Townhouse. According to researchers, a boulder made of pink fine-grained granite with gray quartz and biotite. The rock is similar to granites from the Borg area (Sweden).

The duration of the route is 7 km.

You can see: the ruins of Krevsky Castle, St. George's Mountain, the stone of desires.

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