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Bus and pedestrian route "FROM ZALESYA TO UZHUTRAKIS"

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Route length: 130 km. Excursion route: ag. Zalesye - Mikhnevichi village - Belaya village - Smorgon town - ag. Krevo - ag. Kushlyans - ag. Soly - Medininkai - Puchkoriai - Vilnius - Trakai - Užutrakis The idea of ​​this tourist route is to offer travelers a route between the manor estates of Zalesye (in Belarus) and Uzhutrakis (in Lithuania), including the outstanding objects of cultural heritage, nature, as well as historically significant sites of both states located along the route. At the same time, special attention is paid to places associated with the history and heritage of the Tyshkevich and Oginsky clans. It was the representatives of these noble families who created the centers of culture, with which we can again get acquainted today. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the material and spiritual heritage of these noble families in both countries.

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