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Staro-Vasilishkovsky Club Museum

Staro-Vasilishkovsky Club Museum
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the village of Staryye Vasilishki,7

The small village of Old Vasilishki is today known almost all over the world. This place was glorified by rock musician Cheslav Nemen - it was in this village that he was born and raised. The small wooden house that has survived to our time, more than 100 years ago, was built by Cheslava's grandfather - Jakub Vydzhitsky. Since 2010, it houses a club museum dedicated to the singer and composer. Our small museum has become world famous: in 2018 alone, about 10 thousand tourists visited it.

The club-museum has collected a lot of material about the life and work of Cheslav Nemen, reconstructed the interior that once was in the Vydzhitsky house (real name Nemen).

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