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Farmstead "Maentak"

Farmstead "Maentak"
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Ivye district, h. Ivye, 14

The estate "Maentak" is located in the town of Ivye, surrounded by picturesque nature.
 At the entrance, you are met by an alley of centuries-old lindens, which attracts the attention of guests for unique photo shoots. The alley creates a fabulous tunnel, and indeed, after passing through it, you find yourself in a place where silence and harmony with nature reign. Guests of the farmstead will not be disturbed by the bustle of the city, and you can get there either by car or on foot, or use a taxi.
In front of the estate there is a large parking area, a flat lawn, thoughtful lighting, a large terrace - all this allows guests to feel comfortable on the estate.
  "Maentak" is an ideal place for your celebrations, whether it's a wedding or anniversary, corporate party or christening. The spacious hall can accommodate 250 guests, but a small company can also have a great time.
Having thrown open the doors, the hall welcomes guests with gold and vanilla tones of the walls, crystal chandeliers and marble floor - the balance of "expensive" and "aesthetic" is perfectly maintained. Brides don't have to spend a lot on decor. The hall already has suitable furniture: soft vanilla chairs, round and rectangular tables, aesthetic lighting, good dishes, expensive textiles. A huge plus is a separate dressing room and a large equipped kitchen. The homestead can provide catering with the coordination of menus on an individual order, and you can also bring your own service to serve guests.
 Agriturismo "Maentak" is always glad to see guests!

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