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Ketvirtadienis, 31 Spalio 2019 15:00

International Festival of Organ Music "European Organs sound in Grodno"

Concert Hall “Grodno State Musical College”

Festive events will be held in the concert hall “Grodno State Music College”, where a unique, the only one organ in the entire territory of the CIS "Magnus Silesia Royal" was recently installed. During the creation of the organ, the latest achievements in sound engineering and computer technologies were used, allowing to reproduce the real timbre sounds of the really existing organs of Europe, recorded into the memory of the instrument.
The holiday "European organs sound in Grodno" will bring together outstanding Belarusian and foreign organ music performers.
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Contact phone: +375 15 2 54 29 04, +375 152 54 29 03 (Educational Institution "Grodno State Musical College")

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