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«Hatka dostatka»

the village of Rybaki, d.4

 Farmstead «Hatka dostatka» is located in an ecologically clean place. Rest in the manor is designed for both large companies and for couples, families with children. The house is designed for 8-10 beds, forged covered terrace - for 70 seats. There is a Russian bath with washing facilities and a rest room on the shore of the pond; pond; big swing; grill.



the village Obrub, d. 23

Farmstead «Lebedinoye» has 20 places, a gazebo - 30 places. The guest 3-storeyed house on 9 rooms: 7 double rooms, 1 room four-seater, 1 room with a chimney hall for 2-4 persons. There is a sauna, table tennis, volleyball court, swimming pool, rose garden. On the territory of the farmstead there is a lake.



the village of Girdevka, Sadovaya Street, 1

Farmstead «Fazenda» is located in a quiet, picturesque place. Guest accommodation - 80 people. On the first floor there is a hall with a fireplace, on the second floor there are sleeping places for guests. Provides services of a holiday home, a Russian bath, paintball organization.



the village Shkord, d. 10

Farmstead  «Shkordyanka» is located not far from the village of Vasilishki, 90 km from Grodno. Tourists are offered to have a rest in an ecologically clean place, to rent a gazebo or a house. The house is equipped with a music center, electric kettle, microwave oven, all necessary utensils. A huge gazebo will give you the opportunity to get together by a large company (up to 60 people).



ag. Rozhanka, Pervomayskaya street, 32

Farmstead «Razdolʹe» is located 60 km from Grodno along the M6 (Grodno-Minsk) and 7 km from the city. Shchuchina. Tourists are offered accommodation in the house, at guests' disposal there is a sauna, a garden, a barbecue. Number of persons placed - 40, number of beds - 14.


«Shchedryy dom»

the village of Milevtsy, 12

Farmstead «Shchedryy dom»is located in a picturesque place. The Farmsteadis designed for 12 beds, there are 8 sleeping places. It is possible to accommodate tourists on the territory (holiday camp).


«Marchukova hata»

g.p. Zheludok, September 17th Street, 51

Farmstead  «Marchukova hata» is an unusual place, because the estate is an old house built in 1914.  The manor has a banquet hall where you can organize events and celebrations. And in the fireplace room you can spend a pleasant cozy evening.
The manor is designed for 50 people, has 6 beds. On the second floor is a room-museum of antiques. A pleasant addition to the rest in the farmhouse will be the original menu, compiled by the hostess. Thanks to its own farm, dishes from organic products are always served.


«Bobrovaya dolina»

д. Кульбачино, д. 13

Farmstead «Bobrovaya dolina»is located 50 km from Grodno. The house is located on the outskirts of the village near the picturesque pond.



the village of Degtyary, 38

Just 90 km from Grodno, you will find an old-style house, a large backyard area, where it is pleasant to relax and comfortably fry kebabs, and a forest full of berries and mushrooms.


Hotel «Elen»

Shchuchin, Sovetskaya street, 8

A small cozy hotel «Elen» is located on the main street of the city Shchuchina. The hotel was opened in 1997, reconstructed in 2010. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is a stadium, a lake, a park with a fountain, billiards, arikmaherskaya, a currency exchange office, and a post office. The hotel offers accommodation in 13 rooms of different categories

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