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Агроусадьба » Куток Ашмяншчыны»

Ошмянский район, д.Ворни.


Агроусадьба "Жуки"

Ошмянский район, Новоселковский с/с, д.Куцевичи, 21


Horse-racing complex "Hippika"

Grodno region, Oshmyany district, Grintsy village


Route "Urochishche Sukhaya dolina"

Urochishche Sukhaya, g. Oshmyany


The bicycle path is located in an ecologically clean forest on the outskirts of the city of Oshmyany in the tract Sukhaya. The length of the route is 1.8 km.



Boruny village - Biyutishki village - Geystuny village - Benyuny village - Rodevichi village
Boruns Boruns are one of the most historically interesting villages in our area. An interesting complex in the late Baroque style has been preserved here - the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and the Basilian Monastery (1747). Biyutishki This quiet place will appeal to lovers of rural lifestyles. Geystuns This is the birthplace of the Polish poet, publisher A.E. Odynets (1804–1885). Benyuny On the outskirts of the village is the Karchevsky estate, which existed from the beginning of the 16th century.



Golshany village - ancient settlement - Tupishki - Boruny village - Novoselki - Nevestin stone.
The length of the route: 35 km. Duration: 6 hours. Golshany Golshany welcome guests with narrow houses of the late XIX - early XX centuries. In the center of the agro-town there is the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Franciscan monastery, opposite which there is a memorial sign - a stone-boulder, established in 2006 in honor of Sophia Golshanskaya. Hillfort It is dated to the XII – XIV centuries and belongs to the Early Middle Ages. Stupid The point coordinates are 54 ° 17′29 ″ s. w. 26 ° 02′43 ″. Boruns The tourists are greeted by the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and the Basilian Monastery (1747) Novoselki In the XIX century, Novoselki estate was the property of Chapsky. Nevestin Stone One miracle of the Oshmyany region - Nevestin stone.



Oshmyany town - the village of Grintsy - the village of Polyany - the village of Lugovschina - the village of Bervensi - the village of Krakow –– Zhuprany.
The length of the route: 25 km. Duration: 4 hours. Ashmyany Tourists are interested in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ and the Church of St. Michael the Archangel Grintsy Here, in the cafe "Country ў Daragastayskaga" you can stop for lunch. Fans of Belarusian folk cuisine would surely swallow the language: “Bulun pa-Vyaskovamu”, “Vyachara ad Zhonki Daragastayskaga”, “Gurkі Marynavanyya”, “Fish pa-gentry”. Glades The village of Polyany is the birthplace of Cheslav Yankovsky, a famous historian and local historian, the author of the famous work "Oshmyansky povet". Juprans The main attraction of Zhupran is the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, whose construction was begun in 1854 and completed in 1890 m.



Oshmyany town - Kolchuny village - Gorodniki village - Boltup village - Budenovka village - Murovanaya Oshmyanka village.


Ashmyany Church of the Resurrection of Christ and the Church of St. Michael the Archangel. Tourists and the 19th-century synagogue, which is located behind the museum, are also eager to visit. Chain armor Within the walls of the Kolchun Secondary School there is a museum of Enjey Snyadetsky - an outstanding Polish scientist-chemist, doctor, philosopher and enlightener. City workers The grave of Enjey Snyadetsky. Budenovka Museum of a local resident Valentina Tishchenko, formerly called the Holy Spirit. Murovanaya Oshmyanka In the eighteenth century, the marshal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Krishtof Dorogostaysky founded a printing house. The attraction of Murovana Oshmyanka is the wooden church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, built at the turn of the XVIII – XIX centuries.



Маршрут: г.Ошмяны – д.Кольчуны – д.Городники – д.Болтуп – д.Буденовка – д.Мурованая Ошмянка

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