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All visitors from “unfavorable” countries to Belarus will be quarantined for two weeks

In order to prevent the import and spread of coronavirus infection into Belarus, the government decided to quarantine everyone who comes to our country from epidemiologically unfavorable countries for two weeks. The relevant decision to adopt on Thursday, March 26.

The decision of the Council of Ministers states that persons arriving in Belarus from countries in which cases of COVID-19 infection are registered, within 14 calendar days from the date of arrival in Belarus:

  • must be self-insulating at home;
  • are not subject to subsequent passage through the State border of the Republic of Belarus (until the expiration of the period of self-isolation).

However, these actions do not apply to:

  • employees of diplomatic missions, consular offices of foreign states in the Republic of Belarus and accredited in combination with residences in other countries, international organizations and their representative offices located in the Republic of Belarus, as well as members of their families;
  • heads and members of official delegations;
  • drivers of vehicles when performing international road transport of goods;
  • crew members of aircraft, inland water transport vessels, train crews, locomotive crews of international railway traffic;
  • foreigners transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus to return to their place of residence.

The list of countries where cases of COVID-19 infection are registered is available on the official website of the Ministry.

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