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Kayaking through three countries

On tourism projects in Grodno region in an express interview told the Head of the Sports and Tourism Department of the Oblast Executive Committee Oleg Andreichik. 

– The hiking route for water tourism lovers will pass through three countries - Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. It will begin in the Polish Awgustow, will pass through the Grodno region and will end in Druskininkai. Travelers will sail along the Augustow Canal, the Neman and the shallow rivers. In addition, along the territory of the Grodno region and the Podlaskie province of Poland, a new cycling route will run under the single brand "Awgust Velo".

– Today it is fashionable to have a brand. And what is the brand of the tourist Grodno region? 

– Hospitality. This distinctive feature of our people and the peculiarity of the region is noted by all tourists. We are able to accept even the most demanding guest. Tourists see our attitude towards them and reciprocate, come back here again and again.

– Come to Grodno and the neighborhood without a visa - it's cool, so say all the tourists. They are even asked to increase their stay.

– Perhaps, soon it will be possible to stay with us without a visa longer than five days. We forwarded the relevant proposal to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The draft decree provides for the expansion of the visa-free zone to the borders of the entire Grodno region, as well as the inclusion of a railway station and an airport into the checkpoints. In addition, not only citizens of this or that country can visit us, but also persons who have a residence permit, which was not the case before. All this will useful for our guests and, of course, will contribute to the development of our region. 

– How do tourists respond? What do they lack?

– Reviews are mostly positive. We are always happy when tourists come forward with suggestions, advise how to do better. For example, some thought there was little information about any tourist sites, others wanted to see information in numerous foreign languages. We are constantly working on this. Listening to the wishes of tourists, we increase the attractiveness of our region.
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