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The number of visa-free tourists in Grodno and the suburbs has increased by 60 % year to date

More than 65 thousand visa-free tourists (those who travel without a visa) have visited Grodno and the region since the beginning of the year. It is 60 % higher than the previous year, BelTA was informed by the Department of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism of the Grodno City Executive Committee. “We acknowledge an increasing interest of foreigners in visiting Grodno and the region. Outstanding events frequently serve as catalyst for the growth. For instance, last week more than 3300 visa-free tourists visited the region, however over a thousand of them arrived on Saturday. On that day the international cycle marathon “Susedzi” was carried out on the Augustow Canal, whereas one of the largest auto-fests of our country called SunDay took place near Grodno” – the Department of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism reported. The region’s calendar of events is diverse: various cultural, sporting and educational activities are regularly conducted. The number of countries from which tourists arrive is also expanding. Since the beginning of the year, Grodno and its suburbs have been visited by visa-free tourists from 36 countries worldwide. Most tourists were from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Germany. Tourist flow from other European countries (from France, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary and Estonia) is also growing. All types of tourism are extensively developing in the region. Foreigners not only visit our country to see the sights and learn about the peculiarities of Grodno region but also to relax and get some medical treatment in health resorts. Since January 1, 2018 according to Decree №462 “On the establishment of visa-free entry and exit for foreign citizens”, the area available for visa-free tourists has been expanded to the entire Grodno region. Railway and air transport have become available for this kind of visitors in addition to automobile border-crossings. For the entire 2018 year, more than 92 thousand visa-free tourists were received in Grodno. The matter on expanding the visa-free area is being worked on. The solution will allow to present new tourism products, expand the spectrum of services and to offer new directions in various types of tourism: medical, historical, cultural and industrial.

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