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Guidebook "Around AUGUST CHANNEL"

A new colorful guide is kayaking and cycling routes through the Augustów Canal and its surroundings. Routes start on the Polish side, and end on the Belarusian side. Every new day of travel is a new adventure. The guide will tell you a lot of interesting information about the construction of the canal, the forests that surround it. It will tell you where to spend the night and eat, what attraction you should not miss in your busy schedule, where to rent a kayak or a bicycle.
The guide offers the most interesting water and bicycle routes. The choice of one-day and long trips. The newest of them is the August AvtoVelo cycle route, which connects the Augustów route in Poland with the Grodno region. “August Velo” starts at the village of Mikaszówka in Poland, passes through the border crossing at the Kuzhinets gateway and ends in Grodno, picturesquely located on the Neman. ?"August Velo" is the perfect way to explore the sights of the August Channel. After all, each path of the route leads to the sights or passes through the picturesque park. Not necessarily the shortest way, but always beautiful and fascinating. "August Velo" is a comfort for cyclists, along the route there are places for recreation.
You can get a guidebook along with a tourist passport. On the Belarusian territory it will be issued in the Grodno and Sopotskinsky tourist information centers. You can become the owner of a bright document right on the border, at the checkpoint "Lesnaya-Rudavka".
10 PLN
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220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)