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Grodno summed up the two years of visa-free

Over the past two years, almost 130,000 visa-free tourists have visited Grodno, BelTA learned from the head of the sport and tourism department of the Grodno regional executive committee Oleg Andreychik. From October 26, 2016, foreigners can visit Grodno and the surrounding area without a visa. The region has become a popular destination for foreign tourists.

Most of the tourists are from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Germany. In total, the region was visited by guests from more than 60 countries.

Medical tourism is actively developing in Grodno. Since the beginning of the year, more than 1 thousand visa-free tourists have rested in sanatoria, and there are 4 of them in the vicinity of Grodno.

Interestingly, industrial tourism is also in demand. Some businesses are included in the routes. Foreigners get acquainted with the nuances of production and purchase goods and souvenirs. More than 3 thousand visa-free tourists became participants of such tours.

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