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    Helpful information

  • Climate and time zone

    The climate of Grodno is moderately continental with the prevalent influence of air masses, which are brought by the system of cyclones-anticyclones from the Atlantic Ocean. The climate of Grodno is also influenced by the intercontinental air masses.
  • Currency

    Belarusian ruble (BYN) – is a national currency of the Republic of Belarus, is not freely convertible, that’s why it can’t be bought before arrival to the country.
  • Insurance

    State Insurance Company «EXIMGARANT of BELARUS»

    Address: Checkpoint across the state border: Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Byalostotska); Privalka (Raygardas)
    call us: +375 29 5 888 010; +375 152 60 83 41
  • TAX FREE in Belarus

    System of tax refund to foreign citizens from purchases. additional information about the Tax Free system is available on the official website www.tax—free.by
  • Telephone communications

    Intercity calls across Belarus:
    8 + city code + phone number