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Hostel «Center»

Hostel «Center»
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Address: Belarus, Grodno, Sovetskaya street 6, first floor
Opening hours:  Round the clock (24 hours a day), seven days a week

Hostel "Сenter" is situated in the heart of the city Grodno. It is the only hostel in Belarus equipped on a capsular basis. There are no familiar beds in front of everyone - for each of the 26 guests there are an individual box, that is closed from outside, equipped with a socket, a lamp and a locker for personal belongings.
The total number of rooms is four:ten-seat male, eight-female and two common with four beds, where you can stay with a family or a small company.

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10 PLN
5 — 16°C


220V / 50 Hz

+03:00 (Europe/Moscow)