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Grodno region, Smorgon district, village Zarodichi, 5
The Syabry estate is located 15 km from the town of Smorgon, in the village of Zarudichi, and invites guests from all over Belarus to plunge into the world of carefree country rest. There is a brook and a forest next to the estate. Nearby attractions include M.K. Oginsky. The park was created with the help of the famous Vilnius botanists at that time - Stanislav Jundil and Józef Strumila. Under their leadership, the rarest southern plants were brought for the greenhouse (a specially created botanical garden) in Zalesye, and fruit seedlings were brought from the Khreptovich gardens in Shchorsy. Also in the park is the "Temple of Amelia" Also, if you wish, you can cross the bridge from our estate to visit Oginsky and his beautiful garden.

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