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Grodno region, Grodno district, Tartak vlg.,3

The farmhouse of Tartak is located in the village of the same name close to the Augustow Canal (200 meters). The fenced area is 1 ha. The farmhouse is surrounded by forest thus, there are no neighbors.  However, the sluice “Dombrovka” is situated not far from it. You can take a ride on the steamer “Neman” and hire a boat or a paddleboat in season, there. Moreover, there are three tourist routes passing along the border of the farmhouse. We offer cycle routes, boat trips, home cooking, catering, running activities and events, walking, fishing, family vacation, excursions, a summerhouse, a sauna, bicycles, closed area, a fireplace, a barbecue and a Russian stove. The maximum capacity is 7people.

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