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The Collegium of the Piarists

Shchuchin, Sovetskaya street, 1The activities of the Shchuchin school of public relations are associated with the fate of many famous domestic figures of science, education and culture of the 18th-19th...

Trinity Church

the village Ichelno The church was built in 1785 from bricks. The temple is a monument of late baroque and rococo architecture. In the XIX century, a bell tower was built nearby in the same style. In the courtyard of the church there are unique sundials of the 18th century. They were made in the XVIII century by the Vilna master...

Church of Saints Peter and Pavla

ag. RozhankaThe church, which looks like a castle, was built in 1674. In 1827, the church in Rozhanka was reconstructed according to the design of the Italian architect Marconi. The temple is one of the first monuments of neo-gothic architecture in...

Church of St. Arkhangela Mikhaila

г. Щучин, ул. Красноармейская, д.3 The church was built in the pseudo-Russian style. he temple is constantly operating, not closed since its...

Church of St. Theresa

Shchuchin,Sovetskaya street, 1In 1827 a stone church was erected in Schuchin. In 1830, a stone two-storied monastery was erected near the church. The construction was carried out thanks to the financial support of Prince F.K. Drutsky-Lyubetsky. In architectural terms, the temple is a model of classicism in religious...

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

the village of Murovanka, Tserkovnaya Street, 7aThe temple was built in the first half of the XVI century (1524). The architecture of the building combines the features of the late Gothic style and elements of the Renaissance. At the corners of the temple are cylindrical towers. The walls and towers are decorated with a longline composition of flat niches, completed with double...

«Hunting and fishing farm «Kamenskoe»

the village of ShchukiOn the territory of the hunting farm "Kamenskoe" all the conditions for a comfortable and multi-age recreation are created. For weddings, family vacations, celebrations and corporate events there are two banquet rooms: small (up to 40 people) and large (up to 130...

Лидский замок

г. Лида, улица ...


the village Petrashki, 4aFarmsteads «Starynka» has 12 beds. Guests have at their disposal: a house with conveniences, a sauna, a covered gazebo with a dance floor, a barbecue, selling farm products and fish. Guests are provided: a house with bathroom amenities, a bath, a covered gazebo with a dance floor, a barbecue, selling farm products and...


the village B. Berezovtsy, Mira street, 7The house is designed for 4 beds, equipped kitchen, bathroom. Next to the manor is a lake with a seating area. Manor is focused on a healthy lifestyle, physical education and...
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