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Sunday, 26 August 2018 17:32

Exhibitions of collection material and antiques "Garadzensky Scarabei"

Exhibitions of collection material and antiques "Garadzensky Scarabei"
("Palace of Culture" Brunch №3, in the building)

The organizer of the fair is the folk club of collectors "Scarabei" of the State Institution «Grodno City Cultural Center». The fair features ethnic utensils, antique ornaments, works of art, items from numismatic (coins), faleristic (badges, medals), philatelic (postage stamps, postcards, envelopes) and many other collections.

Contact phone: + 375 152 72 06 94 (Department of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of the City Executive Committee, Lenin Square, 2/1), + 375 29 58 59 650, +375 29 394 49 98, + 375 152 72 02 26 (the head of folk club of collectors "Scarabei" of State Institution "Grodno City Cultural Center" Victor Ivanovich Kakareko)
e-mail: kultura-grodno@tut.by, ck.grodno@gmail.com, s_polchenkova@tut.by,
applications for participation viktor@kakareko.ru

*specify information about the exhibition by the phones mentioned above

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