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Saturday, 11 August 2018 16:41

Open championship of Grodno region on marsh football

Open championship of Grodno region on marsh football
(Grodno district, The Augustow Canal, gate «Dombrovka»)                               

The third open championship of the Grodno region will be held again in August at the gate «Dombrovka». The open format of the competition implies participation not only of the regional teams, but also of all willing teams.Previous competitions showed that this is not an easy test, for which you need certain training and knowledge of the rules, because the winners of previous years were determined not only by earned points, but also by the degree of contamination of players.               
The teams from Grodno region, Brest region and the Republic of Poland take part in the competitions.        

Теl.: 8 (0152) 77 30 58

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