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Thursday, 29 November 2018 08:34

ABC Show: the best advertisement video of the World

ABC Show: the best advertisement video of the World – November 29 – December 1

Collection of the most awarded advertisement video winners 45 main festivals of the world will be shown at “Kosmos” cinema in Grodno.
According to the festival conception “Best of the Best” an audience will be demonstrated the best samplings of an advertisement’s art in Full HD with a professional Russian translate.
There are credits: brand, agency and awards before each advertisement video.
Information partner of «ABC Show» in Grodno is “Grodno Plus” TV and Radio Company.

Cinema “Kosmos”
November 29 – December 1 at 19.00
Grodno, Gorky str., 49A
Booking tickets: megamag.by
Ticket office’s phone: +375-152-746-013

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